About Beth Green: Her Life and Work


So who is Beth Green, the woman through whom this healing music and other content flows? Born in New York City in 1945, she is an original thinker, spiritual teacher, author of 6 books, composer of 6 albums of music, speaker, Facebook live streamer, improvisational pianist and intuitively-guided counselor who also leads workshops and retreats. She does all of this despite having been chronically ill from the age of 15. In fact, she was too crippled to play the piano from the age of 15 to 73, when she discovered that she could play the piano, as long as she limited herself to improvisation, and this website is one of the results.

Beth Green is a woman who is constantly growing and always aiming to help people shift from destructive and self-destructive patterns. As a young person, she became a dedicated social activist, who was expelled from an Ivy League college in 1961 for her stance around nuclear proliferation. She didn’t crumble. Instead, from then on, she was actively engaged in many social movements, including four years as the West Coast coordinator of the Wages for Housework Campaign. Then, at the age of 33, she had a spiritual awakening and discovered her powerful intuition, which opened new avenues for her to support people to change, but this time from the inside out. In 1980, she started working as an intuitively-guided counselor and teacher, which blossomed into many original modalities to help people achieve positive change.

If you have an interest in learning more about Beth, please check out her two biographies on her personal website: www.bethgreen.org. One is a general biography about her rich life and many contributions. The other is a music biography which mostly focuses on her evolution as a musician.

You can also go to her website to learn more about her books and music albums. And here is her Facebook page.

Most of all, though, Beth Green is our friend, a person who cares and strives to help alleviate needless suffering on the planet. Her support can be very challenging to our stuck ways of living and thinking, and we may not always like it, but she never backs down from that challenge if she believes she can help.