About the Network

Welcome to the Healing Arts Network. At the moment, the Network consists of three channels, each of which contains programs that combine entertainment, enlightenment and healing.  All of these offerings are totally free of charge and commercial free. The channels are:

  • The Upliftment Channel
  • The Transformation Channel
  • The Making Sense of the World Channel

The shows on these channels are always expanding, but here are some of the main ones right now:

Upliftment: Programs that bring us into a place of greater clarity and peace. They include:

  1. Jazz Lounge in Space.
  2. Magical Improvs by The Healing Arts Band, a weekly program of music that combines piano and voice being improvised simultaneously!
  3. Six albums of recorded music you can play continuously and which move us and connect us to ourselves.

Transformation: Programs that heal us body, mind and spirit. These include:

  1. Beyond the Notes, Transformational Piano Music that impacts us on all levels and makes us stronger. (It has even proven itself as reversing dementia.) So far there are 8 hours of improvised transformational piano music.
  2. LifeForce: The Inner Workout, a body-mind-spirit exercise program for energy and relaxation. New shows weekly.
  3. Living with Reality Study Program: A self-study program based on Beth’s comprehensive book: Living with Reality: Who We Are; What We Can Be; How We Get There. The book itself is a guide to personal transformation and it contains questions to help us grow. This study program gives us even more tools for getting the most out of the book. Suitable for individuals or groups.

Making Sense of the World: Programs that are surprising, enlightening, funny and contain uncommon sense. These include:

  1. Lighting the Way: Granny Raps & Rocks, a weekly video program that combines Beth’s wit and wisdom while playing the piano. New programs weekly.
  2. Timeless Wisdom: Books and Blogs
  3. Timeless Wisdom: Videos
  4. E-books for you to read, download and share: Six works of fiction and non-fiction that are original, entertaining and highly enlightening. Fiction: Memoirs of the New Age; the Autobiography of Mary Magdalene. Non-Fiction: God’s Little Aphorism; The Healing of God, Handbook for the Inner Revolution; Living with Reality (this is just the book itself.)

What Else You’ll Find Here

In addition to information about all our channels and programs, there are two special sections on our network. One is called Memberships, and there you can discover how you can become a supporter of the Healing Arts Network, providing vital financial support for this mission. All donations are payable to The Stream non-profit corporation and are tax-deductible. The other special section is called Personal Support. If you are interested in individual counseling, workshops, retreats, anything of that nature, we can suggest for-fee services by our extremely experienced and skilled counselor who can help you with your own evolution and healing. As these are personal services, not Network shows, there is a fee for the services, the charges are not donations, and their cost is not tax-deductible.

Dear Friends, please enjoy these offerings. Come here for a lift, for entertainment and for the wisdom that can make our lives better. And pass the word on to your friends. Your support means everything!