God's Little Aphorisms

Do you ever feel anxious, confused or frustrated, and wish you could tap into intelligence greater than your own -- something or somebody to clear your brain, change your perspective and help you relax?

Beth Green has that good fortune. An intuitive counselor and spiritual teacher since 1980, Beth hears from “God”, the inner voice that’s smarter than she is.

In this little volume, she shares fifty-two zingers that she’s received from “the source”. Enlightening and entertaining, these one-liners delight us with both laughter and insight, and with each aphorism, comes a delightful and very personal explanation of how Beth came to receive these nuggets of wisdom.

Here's some samples of these delicious aphorisms:

"If I had meant you to know everything, I wouldn't have had to create other people."
"If you want to keep something secret, don't do it."

Whether or not you consider yourself spiritual, try them. See if you don’t feel better. They might even change your life. Click here to order from Amazon.com, where you can also read some inside pages that will whet your appetite!