Living with Reality

“If suffering were sufficient motivation for change, humanity would have transformed a long time ago.”

So opens Living with Reality by Beth Green, a 688-page exploration of the sources of needless suffering and a practical guide to the fundamental transformations that will enable us to live in greater harmony with ourselves, one another and life itself.

Living with Reality pulls no punches and sugar coats nothing. Life is tough, and we create needless pain for ourselves and others. Why do we do it, and what can we do about it? These are just two of the questions brilliantly, simply and clearly answered by Living with Reality. Opening with a thorough and compassionate analysis of the ego, its genesis and its role in our dysfunction, Living with Reality continues with an original and profound perspective on the state of human consciousness, followed by a detailed guide to change.  It is an encyclopedia of US – the way we are and the way we could be. And it is a handbook for getting there – becoming more happy, relaxed, creative, related, self-aware and at peace.

Living with Reality is different. It not only teaches oneness consciousness; every sentence, every chapter, reveals our unity and brings us to greater and greater awareness that we are all aspects of the divine. We come to understand that we are not separate individuals with separate problems. We are parts of a collective consciousness that needs transformation. As such, Living with Reality brings us profound compassion for ourselves and one another, reveals to us the sources of our destructive and self-destructive behaviors, reminds us of our simultaneous longing for oneness and mutual support, and guides us to a deeply spiritual life where we are connected moment-by-moment to higher consciousness.

A book of unswerving honesty about ourselves and our world, Living with Reality is inspirational, but it is more than inspirational.  It is a practical program: nine platforms, or processes, which – if adopted – would change ourselves and change our world. It is specific, relatable, funny, and it works, containing specific teachings, processes, practices and exercises that help us

  • connect to ourselves
  • connect with one another
  • connect to the divine

If you have ever been baffled by your behavior or the behavior of another, read this book! A guidebook for people seeking transformation for themselves and our world, tough and thorough, Living with Reality helps us become compassionate toward ourselves and others and offers a clear pathway to consciousness. Filled with relatable examples and exercises for self-examination along the way, this book outlines a program that has already been practiced for years by people who can testify to its efficacy. And it can be read individually or in groups, who can use the self-awareness exercises together and co-create a collective vortex of change.

Our problems are collective and so are our solutions. The world is changing, and this is the time for higher consciousness to govern the way we relate to ourselves and one another. Join us in reading and working through the exercises of this remarkable book. It is a privilege to be of service now, because so much can be accomplished. Living with Reality shows us how.