What People Are Saying about Living with Reality

I wanted to let you know that you launched a real spiritual awakening for me.  I've begun meditating and working to heal and rediscover those aspects of me that were long ago buried and forgotten.  I have found such joy and love coming into me that it is overwhelming.

It is also painful.  There are so many emotions/memories that had been buried as well and I have found a wonderful therapist with spiritual awareness who is working with me to open the doors to more healing.  Finally I am fully breathing.

I want to thank you from the deepest well of my soul for coming into my life and sharing your gift of guidance.  I am forever grateful to have found you.

They say real love shares with no idea/expectation of reward.  Just know that I feel loved by you.  Sharing your work with me is a great act of kindness and love.  Thank you.

Your friend, Cheryl Gannon

Living with Reality is a really powerful book. It challenges me to change my perspective and way of being in the world. As I learn and use it, it impacts me and other people in my life in a very fundamental and permanent way. The tool that I use the most often is “I am that” from Platform One. It has helped me to become more compassionate and less judgmental with other people. I don’t even think of it as a tool anymore because it is simply integrated into my life. I have loved the companion workshop for this book, the Consciousness Boot Camp program, in helping me understand the concepts and work through the exercises. Even though it is challenging, I find the book hopeful and inspiring and love the positive changes I see when the principles are applied in everyday life.
Tracey Sridharan, Phoenix, AZ

Living With Reality is a book that can change your life by changing you from the inside out. Green's encyclopedic knowledge of human behavior brings the reader into a new understanding and a new compassion for ourselves and each other. With the step-by-step tools and exercises, we can transform this new understanding into new habits and thoughts. Read it, use it, keep it beside you. It has changed my life and those of many others!
Helen Hillix-Di Santo, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Diego, CA

When I was in AA and immersed in the Program, I read the literature over and over for spiritual guidance and for practical applications of spiritual tools in everyday life. When I picked this book up, I realized on a deep soul level that I was ready to move beyond just looking at my alcohol addiction, and start to look at how I am addicted on many levels. I switched to this book and it is now my handbook for living. I continuously draw upon the material and expect to for the rest of my life. I'm very happy with the progress I've been able to make using it.

The pages on addiction (in Part 1) have always stood out to me as profound and applicable to everyone. They have helped me to understand how addictions originate and how everyone suffers from addictions as coping mechanisms for our pain, fear and anxiety. I came out of a model of support which focused on substance addiction--like food or alcohol--but what has helped me recently is to identify when I'm addicted to fantasy, how I try to escape into a fantasy world and how that hurts my ability to be in reality.

For the way I process things, I like to have a fact pattern to go back to, a method to help me recognize what I'm doing so I can shift out of the behavior. I like the aspect of the book that is linear as it helps me see where and why I'm being triggered and to do something about it.

Chris Reese, Insurance Industry Executive, San Diego, CA

If you really want to change for the better, this book describes from the core how to do so. Unlike other books, this one lays it all out, step by step, how to truly change, starting with the understanding of how we developed patterns, behaviors, or habits, as well as understanding how we are the way we are. This book provides so much useful information. If everyone practiced what is in this book, our world would be a wonderful place for all to live in.
Elizabeth Treeheart, Physical Therapist and Healer, Eugene, OR