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An e-mail from Jesus: Remember me!

Dear Friends,

In my time, I had to walk … a lot. There were no quick copies or newsletters. We had no internet. But now, I’d like to get in on the conversation, and this seems to be the popular way. So here I am.

First, I want to say that I’m not coming back, at least not in the form that some of you might envision. I came to this planet to deliver a spiritual message, just like so many other prophets, and I did. But somehow people have gotten caught up in the story, and people have used my words against themselves and one another, and I would like a chance to speak again.

So what am I trying to achieve here? I’d like to help. Humans beings are so filled with shame that it’s hard to offer you spiritual teachings without creating a reaction. People use spiritual teachings to justify themselves, beat up others or punish themselves. Ouch. Not very productive. Does that mean I should stop talking? I hope not.

Here’s a familiar teaching of mine. A long time ago, I said, “What you do to the least of my brethren, you do to me.” That means that we shouldn’t treat each other differently because of status. On a deeper level, it means that we are one and must realize that we cannot hurt one another without hurting ourselves.

I don’t hear that idea very much in the healthcare debate, do you? How many people are considering this principle when denying coverage for undocumented workers?

Now, let’s stop and look at your reactions. How many of you felt defensive when you read these words? How many of you thought, “Jesus, you don’t understand our times and our problems?” How many of you felt justified in some position you have already taken? How many of you felt ashamed?

There is no point to any of those reactions. They have no value. I am asking you to come with me into a different realm of reality and to look down on suffering humanity. I want you to see what I see: the despair, the bigotry, the fear and the pain. And I want you to feel compassion for all — those who desperately need help; those who are afraid that helping others will take away from them and their families; those who are juggling their conscience with their perception of their self-interest.

Be with me and feel compassion for a world that does not know that they are one and who fight each other for crumbs; a world that still believes it can solve its problems without the help of spiritual teachings and divine consciousness; a world where spiritual teachers too often tell people what they want to hear, so that the teachers can become popular and rich. See and feel compassion. I do.

Be with it all, but do not be of it. Detach yourself from the assumptions, fears and prejudices that run this world, and reach for another. Ask yourself what I would do in every situation. Would I buy that gift for cousin Millie? Would I drink those daiquiris at the office Christmas party? Would I eat that rich food and fill myself with sugar and fat? Would I stress myself out to make myself look valuable?

And if you think I would not do these things, ask yourself why you do them. And when you ask these simple questions, I will be with you to help you to answer and to transcend these old behaviors.

At first, I said I would not come back, but now I say I already have. How more can I be here than to be in your questions and in your answers? I am writing you this e-mail to ask you to remember me in the ways that really count: remember the essence of my teachings; remember to love yourselves while you are loving others; remember to ask God, The Source, your Higher Power, what is for the highest good of all, including the least of your brethren and including yourself. And remember to be completely truthful in your self-examination and trust in the possibility of redemption.

Redemption is not about forgiveness. It is about feeling blessed. Feel blessed by being who you are, weaknesses and all. And feel blessed that you can transform.

There is no Jesus unless you remember. Write to me, if you like, write comments here. Send me questions. If you really want to hear me, just ask.

I extend my heart to you in this season and in all seasons.


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