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Another email from Jesus: The divine presence

Editor’s note: This is the third in a series of “Email from Jesus” columns. You can read the first and second here and here.

I am replying to some questions and comments that appeared after my last email. Christopher asked about Beth’s ability to clearly convey what I am saying; Annette asked how I felt in the presence of God; the Easter Bunny commented on my remarks as being neither more nor less questionable than the original Bible; and Irene asked about human cruelty.

May I begin by supporting us all to feel blessed by the divine presence in this moment. And this, of course, is the essence of the whole conversation.

Christopher, as you know, I cannot speak in words. I am an energy field and have no access to language. What I offer is pure consciousness. Whoever hears me, Beth in this instance, must experience the consciousness and translate it into the words of a specific language in a specific era and in a specific context. This directly relates to Easter Bunny’s comment. There is no reason to be attached to any book or writing per se. What is important is the validity of the teaching and the depth of the intention behind it. It does not matter whether or not you believe that it is Jesus speaking or if these words are an update to a bible. The form Jesus is a culturally resonant metaphor for a profound spiritual understanding.

The question is not whether or not Beth is clear. The question is whether or not you can feel the divine presence in the words. If you can, then you can feel empowered and informed. If you cannot, that may be a function of the unreliability of the vehicle, Beth in this case, or your capacity to accept the teaching, regardless of the messenger.

Most people will feel awe and peace in the presence of the divine, unless their experience frightens them. And what would be the essence of that fear? It would be fear of the unknown, the possible impact of a cataclysmic shift in perception. Simply put, to be fully impacted by the divine presence, the individual must be open to being transformed on every level. Resistance to that transformation would lead to resistance to the divine energy that could effect that transformation.

Human beings are very “self”-conscious and translate all experience in terms of the “I”. Under these circumstances, those who tend toward shame will translate the divine presence in a way that triggers shame. Those prone to self-doubt will be triggered to self-doubt. Those tending toward fear will be triggered toward fear.

Those who are able to explode the myths and illusions of their own minds will be able to experience none of that in the presence of the divine. So, Annette, regarding your question, I felt peace in the presence of God, because only in the divine presence did I feel fully myself.

Irene, you need to connect to the divine presence and then ask yourself the question you are asking me.


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