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For decades, Beth Green has been sharing insightful video commentary – often accompanied by music. What makes this commentary extraordinary is its purpose. Beth is not focused on winning partisan arguments, judging people’s behavior or assessing blame. She IS focused on getting under our behaviors, helping us better understand ourselves and one another and, hopefully, supporting us to change in ways that are beneficial to all. Whether she’s talking about our difficulties in changing, our egos, the state of the political environment, sex addiction, power in relationships or any other important topic, Beth does indeed lighten our way, offering us avenues of further inquiry and empowerment. And she does it all with humility and humor. And in the past years, she has done this commentary while improvising on the piano – which makes it all more fun. This program offers a treasure trove of wit, wisdom and uncommon sense. Take your time to go through these videos and see if you don’t start seeing yourself and life through new glasses.

New episodes are broadcast LIVE from our Facebook page, on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm Pacific time. If you come live, you can chat with Beth. If you can’t make the live show, watch it here. You can also watch all the former shows right here.