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If you are looking for wit, wisdom and uncommon sense, take a journey through these videos. Beth Green turns topics on their heads and gives us new angles of perspective to help us understand ourselves and our world more clearly. And she does it with refreshing self-honesty, which is rare in a commentary program. You won’t hear the same old thing. Nor will you find food for polarization and blame. Instead, you’ll find real analysis, real understanding, compassion and humor.

These videos take on all kinds of topics, from the ego, to the political blood sport, to the potluck revolution, to delusional thinking to, well, everything, because everything is fair game for Beth’s insightful analysis. These videos reach back in time, but they could have been produced yesterday. They are timeless.

By the way, Beth’s more current video commentaries are offered through a different program on this network: Lighting the Way: Granny Raps & Rocks. Lighting the Way offers new videos weekly. First, they are live-streamed on her Facebook page: every Wednesday at 6:30 pm Pacific time. Then they appear on the Lighting the Way: Granny Raps & Rocks page. Most of these videos are accompanied by her playing the piano. So check out the Lighting the Way Program too.