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Ted Kennedy: A tribute to our potential

Ted Kennedy is widely regarded as a man of great gifts, talents, intelligence and charm, whose life was marked by trauma and whose character was marred by flaws. Is this not us?

Ted Kennedy was imperfect; yet he did so much and ultimately found redemption and peace. So are we imperfect, and yet we can do so much to help one another and ultimately to take ourselves back from the negativity that sometimes overcomes us.

Yes, we have addictions and self-destructive behaviors; yes we misuse our resources and squander our potential. Yes we have played the fool individually and collectively. But we can redeem ourselves with the support of our own inner strength, our friends, our communities and our god – whether that god be called Allah, The Source or The Great Spirit.

Tuesday evening for no apparent reason, I felt gripped by a wrenching emotional pain. Then a vision of a highway came to me and I started singing that great American classic song, “This Land is My Land.” Suddenly I knew I was to write a new version of the lyrics, and crying and praying, this song came to me. Finally I felt peace.

I didn’t know that I was writing this song as Ted Kennedy was dying, but now I know that this song is dedicated to him for his caring, for his flaws and for his redemption. “This Song Was Made for You and Me” is the title and the message. Its simple words express our collective power to redeem ourselves, to wrest our talent, our potential and our spirits from the Dark Side and to bring ourselves to the full realization of the promise of humanity. Today, I share this song with you. You know the melody. Sing and spread the words and with these words, spread hope, faith and courage.
This Song Was Made for You and Me

To be sung to the melody of “This Land Is My Land.”

As I was walking the human highway,

I climbed a mountain and saw a skyway.

And on that skyway, there is no my way,

This path was made for you and me.

We can be caring of one another,

The Source is with us, the earth our mother.

We choose awareness and love each other,

This path was made for you and me.

The Dark Side tells us we’ll never get there,

They shout out danger and try to build fear.

But when we’re singing, we can’t be listening,

This song was made for you and me.

This land is your land; this land is my land,

From California to the New York island;

From the redwood forest to the Gulf Stream waters,

This land was made for you and me.

New words by Beth Green
Copyright Beth Green 2009
Please use the song, just credit Beth

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