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When the Gods Won’t Do Their Part: A Call for Synergy

We are accustomed to blaming ourselves and each other when things don’t work out the way we hope, but if we see the universe as a synergy of forces, then we realize that there are all kinds of elements at work, and not all of them are human. There are, obviously, the animal and insect kingdoms, the earth itself and more. But to those of us who have ever sensed a spiritual dimension, it is clear that there are also other realms or forces that we barely understand. Some of us call that God; some call it spirit; some call it the universe. But whatever we call them, many of us, from children to mystics, have felt energies that have felt divine to us.

For those of us who sense those divine or mystical energies, it has long been a practice to turn to those energies for guidance and support. We may not have expected miracles, but we have hoped for help. But what if the higher dimensions are more like us than we want to believe? To put it another way, suppose there is ego in heaven? Well, then, heaven may not help us, not because we are wrong but because there is heavenly ego that is in the way of doing the right thing.

Of course in earlier cultures, the gods were seen as having human emotions, and within the Judeo-Christian-Muslim worldview, God is the creator who made us in “his” own image. Well, in either case, God certainly has ego, because we do. So suppose “God,” or any other divine energy, doesn’t want to engage in something that is critical to us because of God’s ego? Maybe she doesn’t want to stoop down to our realm? Maybe he doesn’t want to be sullied by our mundane affairs? Maybe God can’t stand the frustration of dealing with humanity? Maybe the divine forces don’t want to take responsibility for the mess they claim that we have created, even though we are God’s creations and God in this paradigm is certainly responsible for who we are?

Come on. Are You Serious?

Is this a funny fantasy, or does it have any practical meaning? I am serious, and this has practical consequences. For eons, it seems, human beings have been imploring God to intervene and help us fix our problems. Well some of this has been plain ego on our part, asking “God” to intervene to help us get what we want – to win the football game, the war, the girl or even the lottery. That has not been a prayer for divine help. It’s been a prayer to have the divine help us achieve our egoic designs. So we can’t blame “God” for that.

But, at the same time, we have sometimes truly and fervently asked for divine intervention to bring peace to the human heart or to help end injustice. And sometimes that prayer has been answered but more often, it has not. And if you don’t believe me, just look around at our world and ask yourself how much peace and justice you see.

Of course you could rationalize God’s apparent impotence to intervene successfully in our world by claiming that the gods are trying to help us, but we won’t let them, and that would be sometimes true. Humans often reject support that requires us to give up our egoic mission to look good, to gain something for ourselves at the expense of others or to just confront our inner demons. But the fault doesn’t always lie with us.

Sometimes the fault lies not with us, but with God. And whatever their rationalizations and spiritual platitudes, when the gods are safely detached in their heavenly abode, too wrapped up in being lofty, holy or superior, there are consequences. We don’t get the help we need.

First We Have to Confront Our Gods. But Second, We Have to Co-Create Synergy in Spite of Them

Okay, so our gods are not fixing it for us – for whatever reason. So we have to fix it. And what is the “it” we have to fix? The ego. And for that, we need to shift our thinking from competition to synergy. There are no two ways about it. We need to dump the win/lose paradigm that is the source of so much needless pain and oppression in our world, and we have to come together to solve our problems. We need to start appreciating our differences and start working together for the highest good. We need to release traditional patterns of behavior that make us feel safe in the short run, but which put us all in danger in the long run. And we have to run the risk of being transparent to ourselves, one another and our Gods.

Synergy: working together for the common good, each doing our part. Synergy directly confronts our egoic worldview and patterns, and it is tough to confront those egoic patterns head on because they are so tied to our survival instincts, even though the ego has been actually undermining our very survival. In addition, the human race is a pretty traumatized species, which means we have great difficulty having the calm, awareness or wellbeing to confront ourselves and change. And we’re not just confronting ourselves. We need to confront others, people and institutions with power which are continuing to fool, cheat and oppress others, and, no kidding, that can be pretty daunting.

Now you may be thinking: Aren’t the Gods helping us with this transformation? Yes, in that they are allowing egos to run amuck, which just might compel us to think differently. But no, in that they are not breaking the biggest enemy of synergy, and that enemy is polarization and hierarchy. And why aren’t they helping? Because they themselves are part of the polarization and hierarchy, where “they” are above and “us” below. In other words, our Gods are actually a part of the problem.

So when the Gods won’t or can’t help, we have to take on the fight ourselves, even to the point of fighting our Gods, demanding nothing less than the synergy between heaven and earth, the human and the divine. And we must do it no matter how awkward or scary it feels.

We Need to Make a Sacred Commitment

We will no longer sit in awe of the divine and ask for help as though we were children begging for dinner. We will sit together with the divine on the Council of Creation and do our part by demanding that all of us come together in synergy to co-create an existence where no one is above and no one is below and we all thrive. And that ain’t easy – especially when the gods are against it.

It is often said that God does for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Well, the corollary is true as well. We must do for the gods what the gods cannot do for themselves. And so we must stop waiting, but call on every human, animal, plant, natural and divine consciousness to come together in synergy: where each of us does our part, large or small, in the co-creation of a living, thriving whole. And that will truly make history.

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