Memoirs of the New Age

Memoirs of the New Age is a book of stories, fables, poems and prayers that highlight our struggle with life and “God.” The stories are delicious, humorous, emotionally wrenching, insightful and full of amazing twists and turns. The prayers are painfully honest, the poetry is sensual and expressive.

The book is full of magic and mystery, and, in many ways, it’s also Beth's most intimate work. The prayers, stories and poetry reflect her journey of struggle, anger, sometimes anguish and then reconciliation and bliss. The prayers particularly are autobiographical.

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"Not since the world discovered Rumi, the 13th century mystic and poet, has anyone else arrived questioning God, while still loving Him/Her deeply, unafraid to voice laughter and anger over the same human foibles and lure us into a mystical world we thought we didn’t want. The same earthiness that Rumi employs to make us see each other and the divine is here, in the both a timeless and contemporary hand."
Mary Stine, Prairie Village, Kansas

"The struggle will never end because the struggle cannot be won. "Memoirs of a New Age" is a collection of short stories from Beth Green who discusses her own thoughtful take on the world through new age philosophy and using it to enhance her faith in God. With plenty to ponder, "Memoirs of a New Age" is a fine pick and very highly recommended for short fiction readers with a penchant for the new age."
Midwest Book Review, Oregon, WI