Sacred Union: The Healing of God

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Ever the original thinker, Beth Green is the author of an exciting and controversial book, Sacred Union: The Healing of God, which turns Western spirituality on its head and offers a new and healing perspective on our relationship with God. It answers the age-old question: If God is all-perfect, all-powerful and all-loving, how could God let bad things happen? But what if God isn't perfect? What if God is evolving? Sacred Union: The Healing of God challenges the beliefs held by most spiritual people – and yet is based on common sense. It begins with the premise that God is the totality of all being and then asks a number of simple questions. If God is everything, isn’t God the rapist as well as the saint? Since we are made in God’s image, if we are flawed, isn’t God? And if God is flawed, why, and where does that leave us? If we are actually fragments of God's consciousness, how can we heal ourselves without healing God?

Listen as Beth Green discusses this fascinating book with Jordan Rich, host of the Jordan Rich show, which aired on WBZ, a CBS (now Clear Channel) station in Boston.


The Healing of God answers these questions in a way that is challenging, amazing, profound, humorous and relatable. It describes the evolution of God’s consciousness from oneness to fragmentation to new levels of integration, always in a way that combines esoteric knowledge with everyday experience. It demonstrates the parallels between God’s consciousness and ours and speaks clearly of our collective pain and its causes. It makes concrete the reality of our oneness, which is why we cannot fix our “selves”, and it points the way to a collective path of healing. It gives God a forum to speak to humanity in a new way. It is part of God’s evolution.

There is no other book like it, although books on spirituality abound. By combining straight narrative with understandable examples, fables, prayers and dialogues among the fragments of God’s consciousness, the book engages the reader and brings the healing of ourselves and God into present time. Reading The Healing of God is part of the process itself, because it brings us into an acknowledgement of our oneness and helps us overcome the fragmentation from which we all suffer. Sacred Union: The Healing of God will delight your mind, challenge your beliefs and engage your spirit. It suggests for humanity a critical role in the evolution of God and the evolution of consciousness. And it brings together spirituality with common sense. A radical idea whose time has come, take a look inside Sacred Union: The Healing of God for a doorway to understanding oneness on a deeper level.

Here are reviews of Sacred Union: The Healing of God.

"Sacred Union: The Healing Of God by intuitive counselor and spiritual teacher Beth Green is a profoundly spiritual treatise that challenges the commonly held notion that God is a perfect, changeless being. Instead, Sacred Union: The Healing Of God proposes an evolving, complex God that is the totality of all being. A dynamic, iconoclastic, thoughtful and thought-provoking work that seeks to reconcile the age-old dichotomy of a world filled with horrible evils and the worship of a holy supreme creator, Sacred Union: The Healing Of God is a transcendental work with a message that reaches past all boundaries within the mind and soul."

Midwest Book Review, June 5, 2002, Oregon, Wisconsin

"Western society has a core belief in a perfect God: all–knowing, all loving, all-powerful. Yet if God is perfect, no one can explain life’s pain. But what if God were not perfect? Green presents a compelling argument for a complex God, one that is dark as well as light, imperfect and evolving as well as perfect and never-changing. Sacred Union is a unique and powerfully written book that makes sense of the human experience, helps release humanity from shame and blame, and ultimately brings us to a reconciliation with God and each other."

The New Times Monthly, June, 2002, Seattle Washington, New on Our Shelf Column

"The Healing of God is a transformational book that changes Oneness Awareness from an idea into a reality. It creates a feeling, an inner sensation of opening up in consciousness, that changes one forever.”

Michelle Engel, President & CEO, Visionary Solutions, Ashland, Oregon

The Healing of God is the most powerful tool I have ever used as a psychotherapist!  People's deepest pain is feeling alone and unlovable.  Through this book, my clients have realized that our imperfections are reflections of an evolving God. This has enabled them to achieve a peace they'd lost hope of finding. Thank you, Beth Green!”

Helen Hillix Di Santo, Marriage & Family Therapist, Bonsall, California

“A unique voice in a world thirsty for direction, understanding and awareness!  I found this book to be a major tool for defining, relating with and understanding God and humanity. I think you will, too.”

Mary Chris Horan, Tigard, Oregon

"You haven't heard it all before. This work requires a few re-reads and probably several study times to make it yours, and even then... It makes me think and rethink and has caused a welcome reshaping of my belief system. Those of us who have grown up with the concept of a higher power have seldom given thought to our impact upon God or even broadening the way we define God. The fact that we are so disconnected from ourselves and others is a crippling condition of the human race. This book offers a way through."

Erica L Myers, La Crescenta, CA

"Sacred Union: The Healing of God is a practical theology based on observation, common sense and intuition for those of us who need to know 'Why?'. Beth logically explains the nature and purpose of existence with wit, wisdom, keen insight and compassion. The central tenet of the book - God is the totality of all, evolving - validates our individual experience and transcends it. Read this book for a new persepctive about relating to God and healing ourselves."

Terry S. Davis, Ph.D., Psychologist, Redondo Beach, CA

"Beth Green has taken the myth that God is perfect and turned it into the truth. If we are created in God's image then God has got problems, just like we do. Beth sets us free from needing the big God, little us relationship and brings God to level ground, beside us, where God belongs. This book is not religious as it allows the reader to believe in, as many 12-step programs put it, 'God as you understand God.' It has freed me to have God at my side as my friend and companion, not somewhere in the sky, far away from me when I need it most and when it needs me. Sacred Union: The Healing of God has made me see that in healing myself, I heal God, the God within me, the God without and the whole that is God."

Stacey Davis,  Lakewood, CA