Personal Support

We are committed to bringing you the best possible programming we can at no cost to you. But sometimes you may also need personal support: individual, couple’s or group counseling, workshops, work consulting, creativity counseling, retreats and more. These services are fee based and are not tax deductible.


We would like to recommend you consider Beth Green for these services. She works via the internet, so she is available anywhere. Beth has been doing intuitively-guided counseling and consulting since 1980, and people have been amazed by what she can bring to our awareness, even if we have already been in counseling with others. If you are interested in a compassionate counselor with x-ray eyes, consider Beth. You can book an appointment with her here. Choose the time or times you want. For example, you can do a half-hour session or book yourself for two or three half-hour segments, whatever you need and can afford.

You can also book yourself for a creativity and self-expression session if you would like to free your own creativity or join one of her ongoing groups, including Intuition Training, when those programs are scheduled every 3 months.

If you want further information about her many offerings, contact her at

Sign Up for Stream Counseling with Beth Green

Or you may prefer to get counseling from someone outside of The Stream, someone else you trust.

We have also had great success with retreats and groups where we use the music and process people’s feelings during the events. So far, they have been very transformational. We’ll post upcoming groups on this website on the home page and under events.

If you are interested in doing paid counseling with Beth, please schedule yourself using her appointment calendar right here.

Payments are made to The Stream, but they are not tax deductible because they are fees for service. If you want more information about Beth’s counseling, you can look at her personal website,

When in doubt, consider giving counseling a try so you can see if support doesn’t help you move through your blocks, resistance or even “backlash,” which is when we move backward temporarily because of our progress.