The Autobiography of Mary Magdalene

- Beautifully written
- Offers a great human message
- Helps release the earth from the shame of the crucifixion
- Puts into perspective Jesus’ own journey
- Supports us all  to release our shame, our anger and our pain
- Inspires us to walk our own path
- Is a woman’ story
- Is everyone’s story

Many of us have wondered about Mary Magdalene. Who was she? The Autobiography of Mary Magdalene, by Beth Green, reveals Mary Magdalene through her own eyes. This book was originally written under the name Beth Ingber-Irvin and published by Blue Dolphin Publishing. Now available as a paperback book or e-book at Or click here to order from

The Autobiography of Mary Magdalene is not only the passionate story of a woman's life. It's the story of her soul and her journey to reclaim her spirituality from a patriarchal world and a patriarchal God. We will all relate with her struggle to find that authentic relationship.

We will also identify with her feelings. Her self-honesty can shatter our own complacency, and her painful journey often mirrors our own.

Here is a brief excerpt describing her feelings at the time of the Crucifixion.

"Into the night, I cried out to God. If you love me, God, if you love him, stop him, stop them, stop yourself.

There was no relief. Helplessly I stood by and watched him stoned, abused, condemned, despised by those to whom he had offered only the love of God. Helplessly I waited for him to act, to use the power I knew he had, to fly over the gates of hell, to join me in the middle of the night so we could run away to anywhere, to the mountains, to the sea, to oblivion, I didn't care which. He would not run."

You do not have to be religious to be impacted by this story. Start reading it, and you won't be able to put it down.