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High Definition Audio

Why are we calling this program If God Were a Piano: The Concert Series? Because this music is truly inspired and it was recorded on a 9’, world-class concert grand. It wasn’t Beth who came up with the words “If God were a piano.” She had just finished improvising for a group of people online when a listener exclaimed just those words: “If God were a piano.” Everyone concurred. Beth just tunes in and plays, and her music is beautiful, expressive, healing and divine. And now that she has a concert grand, her music is even more impactful. That’s why we are offering the Concert Series to you here, so that you can just tune into the music recorded on the concert grand, if you like.

If God Were a Piano is one of two programs of Beth’s improvised solo piano music that we offer on this network. The other one is called Beyond the Notes: Piano Music that Heals. That music is remarkable, too. Since September 2021, Beth has been improvising solo piano music to heal the brain and more, and people have had a lot of success listening to it. Most dramatically, her husband James has benefited from listening daily to the music, which has caused his cognitive impairment to be significantly reversed. And it has helped Beth and others with their health – mind, body and spirit.

Then, inspired by the success of the healing piano music, Beth and James felt guided to buy a Shigeru Kawai 9’ concert grand. Amazingly, it was purchased on February 28, 2022, her 77th birthday and it was delivered two days later. Folks, owning this piano was beyond Beth’s wildest dreams. It has a gorgeous tone and amazing power, it is handmade and only 10 are produced for the entire world per year. Yet somehow it came to her. Since buying that piano, Beth’s music has become even more impactful.

All Beth’s newly recorded solo piano music is being added to her program Beyond the Notes, but we are ALSO providing this station, a separate program only of music recorded on the concert grand. The music on If God Were a Piano is modern classical, it is all completely improvised, and it moves and uplifts us. Just sit back, listen on the best headphones or speakers you can, and let it move through you. Or dance, paint, meditate or move to it. Just be with it and let yourself feel the vibrations and energy.