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How would you like a mind-body-spirit exercise program that can be done by just about anyone and that naturally increases our energy and relaxation in 15 minutes or less? And can be done with no equipment except a computer?

It exists and it’s the LifeForce Inner Workout. We are offering more than 100 episodes for you to choose from, each with a theme, and more are coming all the time. Does it work? Yes. People have been amazed that a series of sounds, words, movement and guided breathing can help us strengthen inside and out. And new ones are coming regularly as well.

So how did a sick, disabled woman pull it off leading an original body, mind and spirit exercise program? She says it came out of her own desperation. Beth Green has been so ill, she’s been bed-ridden, housebound and low on energy almost all her life. Then one day, she asked the universe for help. A minute later, she “saw” a Master Wu who showed up looking like a martial artist. He said he would help, then he disappeared. Yet before she knew it, she felt guided to start the program, not knowing what it would be and even though she never saw him again. Crazy story?

That was around 2007. Beth led LifeForce online for many years, but we haven’t found all the episodes. Nevertheless, here’s a great selection that we were able to retrieve. And keep coming back, because she is still doing new episodes from time to time.

Give it a try and don’t feel embarrassed to make noise. One important suggestion: Don’t ever do a movement that hurts, and don’t worry about doing it perfectly. Being around the energy helps anyway.