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High Definition Audio

The music that plays on this page features the original, high-resolution, mastered WAV (.wav) files. These will give you the highest quality listening experience but the file sizes are large, so we recommend playing these files when you're sure you're on a high-speed connection without data limits. You might notice that it takes a few seconds to load the songs. Please be patient since it's probably the highest quality music available for streaming that you will find online.

Advanced Healing Music

If you like the challenge and excitement of accelerated transformation and healing, tune into this station. For some, it’s a great place to start. For others, it’s a perfect place to go after immersing yourself in the playlists on our program Beyond the Notes: Piano Music that Heals and you’re ready for the next boost. (Beyond the Notes is a separate station also on the Transformation channel.)

Listen to this music using the best speakers you can and at the most intense volume that is comfortable for you, and focus on feeling the music flow through your body, mind and soul. It is healing for the brain and the whole being.

Keep listening to this series as it continues to expand as Beth channels more music. And play the songs often. If you feel stuck in your healing journey, you can also go back to the Beyond the Notes channel, and start over with Series 1, Song 1. It could help jumpstart you with a new start.

Use our contact form to let us know if you need help with using the music or simply to share with us how you’re doing. In case you’re interested, with the exception of song 2, all the pieces on this station were recorded on Beth’s Shigeru Kawai EX, a world-class 9’ foot concert grand. As an experiment, Beth tried to record advanced healing music on a Casio Privia px-s6000 digital keyboard, just to see if she could offer this kind of music in a location where she didn’t have a fine acoustic piano. This experiment became the beautiful piece Song 2. The experiment worked, and she knows she can bring her healing music to the world, but the piano affords an even more powerful experience, so she has continued to record the series on her concert grand.

Good luck and be in touch!