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This blog was originally created as part of a video blog series for my YouTube channel, Beth Green TV. The series is called The Improvisational Pianist, and this particular video might help you to free yourself in your self-expression in many ways. In the blog, I examine some of the blocks people have to self-expression, whether they are playing written music or improvising, whether they are classical pianists or playing in any style. And I offer suggestions as to how to overcome those blocks, especially how improvisation can help. If you like the video, give it a thumbs up, share it with others, and comment below. I’d love to know why you think you might be blocked and how you are progressing.

If you would like my coaching on freeing your own self-expression, you can book yourself some Stream counseling by clicking on On June 25, I released my first solo piano improvisational album, and I’m very proud of it. You can listen to samples at While you’re there, you can also click on the links to the full album on all your favorite streaming sites. The music is beautiful and transcendental. Please listen for yourself.

I also livestream Beth green’s Magical Piano Improvisations every Thursday at 7pm PT on Facebook at, and you can join me live as I create complete pieces of music on the spot. If you join live, we can chat. For more information on my music and message, go to my website: Good to see you!