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Whether you want ear candy or soul food, you can find it here on our continuous music station: A Stream of Beautiful Music, all offered on high-quality audio recording. Trained in the classical tradition, at the age of 15, Beth Green became severely ill and after that, was too crippled to play the piano anymore. Sadly, she lost her musical voice. Then in her mid-50s, the world changed, and individuals were able to create music at home with digital instruments and computers. Beth tried her hand at it, and remarkably, the flow of music began again. Still extremely disabled, every few years, she felt compelled to go through the arduous process of using electronic instruments and computers, and in this way, she created four albums of original music that was inspired and inspiring:

The Gift of Peace

An hour of music for pleasure, meditation, contemplation and healing. It was called into being by the looming invasion of Iraq, which Beth opposed.

A Soul's Journey Through Darkness and Light

A trip through life’s many aspects, emotional and energetic, up to Death & Beyond. This music is moving and uplifting.

In the Mist

In the Mist brings us into higher dimensions and elicits peace. Beautiful and often mesmerizing.

Rumblings of Revolution

This album incorporates elements of jazz, rock, pop and classical. It has rich instrumentation and also includes four vocals sung by Beth, despite her physical limitations of breath and strength. The whole album reflects our desire to change our world and it includes the song “Love Is What’s Worth Fighting For.”

At the age of 73, Beth felt guided to buy an acoustic piano and improvise, and after 58 years, she started to play the piano again. When she had tried to play the piano before, the process created extreme physical difficulties and she couldn’t continue. But by playing a large grand piano, limiting her playing time to about 15 or 20 minutes and only improvising, she was able to work around those limitations. She started live streaming her music to an international audience. And now able to perform on the piano, she created two more albums.

Beth has been focused on streaming her beautiful music since then, but you never know when or if there will be another album.

This station has about six hours of music on it. Listen in whatever order you want or continuously, whenever you want to. Dance, meditate, listen, wash dishes, use this music to support your upliftment. All are available for purchase as CDs, except “Peace Beyond Reason,” and CDs can be purchased at

Emergence to Transcendence

A rich musical album where each song starts with a track of music Beth spontaneously improvised on her acoustic piano. She then took the track and added the gorgeous sounds of orchestral virtual instruments that she was able to add via computer. This music also takes us on a journey that is heartfelt and uplifting.

Peace Beyond Reason: Piano Improvisations from the Soul

An album of totally improvised piano music that takes us through turmoil but brings us to a place of peace on earth.