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The healing music that plays on this page features high-quality mp3 files (24-bit, 44.1 khz, 320kbps). These will give you a high-quality listening experience with no issues streaming on a phone or other device where you may have data caps. For the best quality experience, you can listen to the .WAV files found on this page.  However, these file sizes are large, so we recommend playing these files when you're sure you're on a high-speed connection without data limits. You might notice that it takes a few seconds to load those songs.

Listen to the HD Versions of these Songs

Fresh Start 

From September 2021 to October 2023, Beth masterfully created the Beyond the Notes Series, including countless hours of channeled music geared to heal the brain and more. This music evolved from Series One through Series Six, Riding the Rapids. It achieved many goals, including substantially reversing Beth’s husband’s dementia and supporting others to transform and strengthen.

Having completed this monumental work, Beth was freed up for a Fresh Start, and that inspired both the music and the name of this program. As you may already know, Beth 100% improvises and creates all her music in the moment with no planning or editing. The music just flows through her. Fresh Start offers piano music that empowers people to move forward in their lives, people who love the journey from chaos to courage, creativity and freedom.

The music in Fresh Start is unusual, innovative and exciting, and the piano playing is amazing. Just read the unsolicited reaction of one of her fans who heard the first piece, also named Fresh Start.

[This music] pulls me out of a frozen indecisive state, picks me up and sets me down facing a direction where my choices look better and more fun than before.. gets me moving...Karen Moeller, Deadwood, Oregon

We invite you to keep tuning in to Fresh Start as the music continues to emerge. And please listen to all of Beth’s piano and instrumental music on this network, and check out her books, blogs, videos and more, all available free of charge right here at The Healing Arts Network.