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James Sings for You is a playlist of songs sung from the heart of James to the heart of you and others 

About James

James began singing publicly at the age of 11 with the Houston Symphony Boys Choir and has sung in a variety of genres over the years, including Jazz, Pop and Opera. As a trumpet player, he studied and played throughout his teen years, achieving first chair trumpet in the Houston All-City Band in Houston, Texas. Thereafter, he was awarded a band scholarship to Rice University in Houston. He played in the Rice band for 2 years before turning professional to play on weekends. 

In his mid-20s he studied voice with Tom Wikman in Chicago, IL for 2 years and sang bass-baritone in the Hyde Park Church Choir in Chicago. During his early to mid-30s, he often sang and played trumpet publicly at the Findhorn Community in Forres, Scotland. He also composed a lot of music during that time, including songs for the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. 

From his mid-30s to the present, he has sung publicly on a frequent basis, as well as performing on trumpet and flugelhorn. During this time, he has sung at various New Thought churches around Texas, Washington, California and Oregon. He also sang the role of Figaro’s father in a Pan American University production of the opera, The Marriage of Figaro.  

Since relocating to Oregon in 2013, he composed and performed music vocally for his musical, A Spiritual Quest, in conjunction with Beth Green aka Granny Rocks, who wrote the script. This musical was performed in Williams, OR in 2014. After that, he sang and played trumpet in a jazz combo at the Lane County Community College in Eugene, Oregon. In recent years he has performed frequently as a singer in live concerts and on internet livestreams with Beth Green, aka Granny Rocks, most currently on the weekly livestream, Magical Improvs with Beth Green, his wife and musical collaborator. Also, in March 2023 he sang the male lead in the musical by Beth Green, Fighting for Love, along with Rozz Hopson as the female lead. This performance was at the Majestic Theatre in Corvallis, Oregon, which is the city where he and Beth currently reside. 


Together Alone, words and music by James Maynard – The Official Video Recording 

This video is of an award-winning song about relationships called “Together Alone”. This recording won the award for Best Jazz Song in the Akademia Music Awards in March 2020. The song expresses how there can be a lack of true intimacy even in an "intimate relationship" and what one can do to restore a meaningful connection for a new “together” that is not alone." Beth Green arranged and performed the accompaniment.  

They’re Not Like Me, words and music by Beth Green 

A compassionate song demonstrating how we distance ourselves from the pain of others by pretending that we and they are different, whereas we are basically all the same and we all suffer.  

Too Busy for Love, words and music by Beth Green 

Through this song, you’ll see a man who has difficulty connecting in a deep way in a love relationship. And he rationalizes his behavior by pretending he’s happy and “too busy for love,” hiding his true feelings while projecting to others a persona of being strong and self-sufficient. Do we do that too to any extent?  Can we change this while we are still alive? Does the man in the song do this? This video is an excerpt from the musical “Fighting for Love”, by Beth Green, co-starring James Maynard and Rozz Hopson which is a free livestream at 

When Do You Leave? music by James Maynard and words by Beth Green 

Another excerpt from the Musical “Fighting for Love, this song describes the male co-star who has now found love and felt happy, but who fell back into old patterns. Now the couple is breaking up and the man is expressing how he feels about it all.  

Together Alone – A live performance.  

This rousing rendition was greeted with spontaneous applause and enthusiasm. The tale of a man torn between his need for love and his desire to withdraw into his silo, this is a song lots of us can relate to. 

Love is What’s Worth Fighting For, words and music by Beth Green 

How do we fight for love, especially for ourselves.  This next song says it all. This song originally was sung by Beth and appeared on her album “Rumblings of Revolution, but it was also included in the musical “Fighting for Love”, sung by James Maynard and co-star Rozz Hopson, offered as a free livestream at