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Welcome to the Jazz Lounge in Space, where cool jazz meets the New Age, rock, world music and the kitchen sink. Essentially, anything goes. While most Western music is based on songs, with a melody and chord progression that get developed, Beth’s music is more like a stream of consciousness, where everything evolves organically, and you never know where it’s going. But it’s all healing, entertaining and uplifting. And new shows are added weekly. 

The first playlist is called Exploring the Dimensions & Back to Earth, and through these songs we are lifted into a realm of divine energy, relaxation and peace – and then back. The second playlist takes us around the world while simultaneously maintaining its other-worldly quality. It’s more rhythmic but no less inspiring. For these first two playlists, Beth used a digital piano to control another digital keyboard. Then from the third playlist on, something new happened. Beth set up two keyboards that she plays at the same time. The result is an astonishing kind of mix of sounds and moods, starting with the playlist Higher Octane.

Beth Green is the Wizard of Keys, coordinating notes, buttons, pedals and slides to produce this inspired music. And all of it is 100% freely improvised, so even Beth has no idea what’s coming. You can watch videos of Beth Green improvising all this music live, or you can just sit back, close your eyes and go into your own inner world.

We look forward to a regular stream of new music at the Lounge. So join us, and keep coming back. Beth Green is an improvisational pianist and keyboard player who has produced music in many genres – and it’s all intuitively guided.