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Welcome to Magical Improvs, with Beth Green, a show focused on free expression, improvisation and deep emotion. We are delighted to meet you. We are Beth Green and James Maynard. Beth is a whiz on the piano and keyboard, and James engages us with his rich bass-baritone voice.

We love to improvise, because it feels so free. We tune into the universe and each other without any plan, and we are always surprised. We hope our music will touch you and help us all build a better world, where we are guided by love and support one another to be honest and express ourselves freely.

On this page, we will be sharing videos from our Facebook page, where we broadcast Magical Improvs, with Beth Green, every Thursday night at 7 pm Pacific time. Check us out on Facebook where you'll also see lots of additional offerings.

One more word: We are extremely grateful for and to our wonderful audience, who continue to support us. We are truly a community of spirit. If you wish to contact Beth, email her at And enjoy!