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It’s quite a challenge to live with reality in a state of peace and grace, and we don’t promise that. But we do promise that this self-study program will heighten your awareness and bring you tools and processes that can enhance your well-being and your life. If everyone could practice the principles of this book, we would live in a different world.

The self-study program is based on Beth’s monumental book Living with Reality: Who We Are, What We Could Be, How We Get There. The book offers a broad analysis of human behavior, starting with the introduction Ego, Instinct & Evolution, which takes us back to birth. The first part goes on to explore many aspects of our development, including addictions. Once we have completed that section, we are ready for the Nine Platforms for Becoming Ourselves, which is an actual program for change. It’s deep, down-to-earth and very helpful. And it’s full of questions for us to ponder as we go through it.

The Living with Reality book can be downloaded free of charge on our channel Making Sense of the World, but beyond the book, we are also offering you additional support: a self-study program that helps you to navigate the book and gain the most from it. It features a series of  videos, at least one for each chapter/platform of the book that complements the reading and deepens your understanding. The self-study program also helps you pace yourself and gives you prompts to read certain sections of the book and watch the aforementioned videos in three-week intervals to help you stay engaged since the book is 677 pages in total. We hope you find it as helpful as it has been for us!

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